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codgertations #19

monkeySpring never gets old. Everything is exploding thanks to our El Nino winter drenching. The trails in the hills are banked with brilliant poppies. Dead lawns are coming back to life. The garden looks like it’s ready for a wedding. Though reservoirs are 100% of normal and it’s still snowing, don’t be fooled. Even if your memory is getting unreliable, try to remember the drought is not over.

I am very grateful to be living in the Age of Uber where I can be chauffeured anywhere any time and never have to look at a map or a meter. The idea of living without a car in California is heresy but I am starting to consider it.

Bad Ideas:

Signing credit card screens with your finger.

Parking meters that require you to print out a receipt and put it on your dashboard.

Amazon’s computer that is being developed to run by voice commands.

Plastic produce bags that don’t open.

$19 glasses of wine.

Waaaaarriors! The addiction to watching every single game is untreatable. My wife even insists on viewing post-game recaps. She has her favorite players and now, her favorite sportscasters. Reading local newspaper sports reporters trying to capture spectacular Steph in high flying prose is a great way to start the morning.

I’m hoping these new virtual reality devices will make it possible for my granddaughter in DC to sit on my lap in California.

In the Best-0f-Times-Worst-of-Times Department, the surge of prosperity seems to be accompanied by a crime wave. SF now has the highest per capita rate of robberies in the country. Thieves are stealing cameras from tourists on Lombard Street fergodsake. In our neighborhood they are stealing mail. Yesterday our recycling bin vanished. You would think that with all the surveillance videos everywhere these crooks could be nailed.

Trump’s tagline needs a rewrite – Make America Hate Again.



racing pulses

millieBay seniors with passionate memories of seeing their first Italian sports car are invited to relive the excitement this Sunday from noon to 4 in front of the Fairmont on Nob Hill. It is part of the 28th Annual California Millie a recreation of the Mille Miglia, the historic Italian Road Race that ran from 1927-1957. After tearing along the back roads of California 67 classic cars will park here where you can glimpse the true glory days of automobile design. Sorry about that, Tesla.



summer so soon

jazzBay seniors itchy for summer to kick in are invited down to Santa Cruz this Sunday where historic Wharf 21 is hosting a Jazz Concert from 11 to 5. It begins with the best players from local high schools who form the Kuumbwa Jazz Honor Band then more ensembles come and go through the day. Food, wine, shopping and (hopefully) a superb spring day with the marine air as crisp as a martini. Free.


strictly for the birds

chickenBay seniors who want to catch Petaluma before it becomes yet another wine burg can celebrate the days when it was the once-proud “Egg Capital of the World” on Saturday April 23 at the annual Butter & Egg Days Festival and Parade. Visit the charming Historic Downtown where there will be 4 blocks of food and crafts plus rides for kids. The parade of poultry starts at noon. Free.



eye on the sky

weatherBay seniors possessed with an endless fascination for tracking our erratic local weather are encouraged to check out the House of Days any day on Pier 17. Constructed in 2009 as an Exploratorium exhibit it takes a shot of the Bay sky once every 24 hours. You can see the evolving images through a small window with a device for scrolling through the changes of sun, fog and rain.



don’t add water

bancroftBay seniors still not convinced that the drought is over may want to head out to the Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek April 15-17 for the annual plant sale at this nursery/garden renowned for its selection of succulents and drought tolerant plants. Experts are on hand to help you with your own garden issues. In addition there are all kinds of pottery and other garden art for sale.



good morning

muirBay seniors who can’t sleep anyway might as well get up at the crack of dawn for a Sunrise Tour of Muir Woods on Sunday April 24 from 6:30am to10:30am. The park, without the visiting hordes, is at its quietest and most magical. Your guide will tell you more details of this natural wonder. The hike is flat and about 3 miles. Dress warmly. Free


watery graves

tomstonesBay seniors strolling along Aquatic Park in the City might want to pay more attention to the square cut rocks poking out of the breakwater. These are tombstones from the Gold Rush era. In 1902 it became illegal to bury new bodies in the City. When the graves of old downtown cemeteries were relocated to Colma the unclaimed gravestones were repurposed by the WPA on the shore of the Marina and along paths in Buena Vista Park.



go bears

bearBay seniors whose loyalty to the UC Bears does not fade with time and discouraging seasons are invited to the annual Spring scrimmage this Saturday at 11am in Memorial Stadium. Check out next Fall’s talent and interact with digital games, pick up a poster. It’s all free. Part of the over 400 lectures, demonstrations, tours and performances celebrating Cal Day across the campus.


grand new pry

napa operaBay seniors learned long ago that our country cousins are no longer( if they ever were) hayseeds. At the Napa Valley Opera House they offer a full schedule of film and theater (including a current widely lauded presentation of “Cymbeline) and this summer will be the home of the Blue Note Club offering classic jazz. Cue the loud applause.