hot shots

by Geezer on August 27, 2014

shotBay seniors thinking of upgrading their travel photos may want to visit the Rayko Photo Center in SOMA. Don’t procrastinate. Next Tuesday and Wednesday are the Perimeter of the World installation’s last days. There are dozens of startling photos in a variety of formats from around the globe. If you are ready to move on from snapping your grandkids with your cell phone and get serious Rayko offers a vast range of workshops on subjects from lighting and historical processes to digital.


father nature

by Geezer on August 26, 2014

burbankBay seniors may have forgotten the vast contributions of botanist Luther Burbank – over 800 strains of plants including the Shasta Daisy, Santa Rosa Plums, Freestone Peaches and the white blackberry. But up in Santa Rosa where he did most of his pioneering work they remember him at the Home and Gardens he built at the turn of the last century. The living spaces have the original furniture, the gardens which are one quarter the size of the original include medical herbs, wildlife habitats and ornamental grasses. There are guided as well as audio tours. Open Tuesday thru Sunday. Adults $7.



by Geezer on August 26, 2014

teaBay seniors curious about what it is going to take to make drinking tea the new coffee, might cast a glance at the new Samovar teahouse on (of course) Valencia Street. Forget sad and soggy tea bags. Samovar has crucible urns as sleek and pristine as anything you would find in an OR. In a smart move they edited/curated their selection down to a handful like chai made with fresh ground masala and real cane sugar. $4 for a small pot. Samovar has three other less utopian locations in the city. The Geezer wishes them luck but doubts they have enough caffeine to feed the local buzz.


uber on the water

August 26, 2014

Tweet Bay seniors who puzzle that Seattle, New York and Venice have on-demand water taxis and we don’t, stop your grousing. We have two of them. For Marinites (working or partying late) who miss their ferry, TidelineSF will take you from and to any authorized landing, like from Sausalito to Pier 1 in 14 minutes. […]

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pool pirouettes

August 25, 2014

Tweet Bay seniors, cynical, jaded and yawning, who think they’ve seen everything, are encouraged to amaze themselves with a visit to the Aquanuts this coming Labor Day weekend. They are a troupe of synchronized swimmers( a breeding ground for 17 Olympians) performing at Heather Farm Park in Walnut Creek. This extravaganza pushes the incredulity boundaries even […]

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eating out

August 20, 2014

Tweet Bay seniors may not put much credibility in Zagat (after all the reviews are from people whose opinions have no more culinary validity than you or me). But occasionally Zagat comes up with an idea worth exploring. In this case a recent review of the City’s backyard garden restaurants. These patios are generally greener, […]

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jazz in the sky

August 19, 2014

Tweet Bay seniors who have written off Oakland as overrun with tattooed hipsters with Amish beards will be more than pleasantly surprised this Friday at 8:30pm when they find their way to the Bellevue Club. This 1929 structure overlooking Lake Merritt is elegantly French from top to bottom with glittering night time views that will […]

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August 18, 2014

Tweet Bay seniors who’ve been working their way through Ottolenghi cookbooks as obsessively as  they once did with Julia Child are hereby alerted to the arrival of the Great One this coming October 24 at the JCC in San Francisco. $30. It is definitely not too early to get your tickets for Yotam Ottolenghi’s lecture. […]

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hear me roar

August 17, 2014

Tweet Bay seniors who are always ready to respond to the call of the wild will want to check out Vision Quest Ranch outside of Monterey. Its 51 acres are a habitat for elephants, lions, tigers, bears and alligators either waiting their casting call for film and television projects or rescued and retired here. Tours run every day […]

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flee the fog

August 12, 2014

Tweet Bay seniors retreating from the depressing marine layer clamped over the City (i.e. The Fog) may want to bask in the solar splendor around Lake Berryessa in Napa County, about 1.5 hours from SF. A great place to start is the Smittle Creek Trail, a five mile, mostly flat round trip (and the only developed […]

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